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Research Teams


Two teams of researchers have had primary responsibility for the creation of this database. Those teams are based in the Department of Demography of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), and in the Data Laboratory of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR). The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) has also supported the further development of the database in recent years.

Vladimir Shkolnikov (MPIDR) leads the team of researchers at Max Planck and is Director of the project. Magali Barbieri (UCB and INED) heads the team at Berkeley and is Associate Director of the project. The Founding Director, John Wilmoth (United Nations and formerly UCB), remains affiliated with the project in an advisory capacity only.

Dmitri Jdanov (MPIDR), Kirill Andreev, and Carl Boe (UCB) wrote the core computer programs that compute population estimates, death rates and life tables. Eugeny Soroko, Dmitri Jdanov (MPIDR), and Mary Anderson (UCB) created the current web application. Beate Danielsen provided programming assistance for checking data quality.

Carl Mason (UCB) created the structure for the internal document archive used by the Berkeley team and provides additional computer support. Lisa Yang is the Research Support for the UCB team. Sigrid Gellers-Barkmann is the MPIDR Team Coordinator. Celeste Winant and Tim Riffe are research programmers, rewriting the HMD codebase, working on other projects, and serving as country specialists.

The following individuals are currently in charge of at least one country included in the HMD:

  • Magali Barbieri (UCB): Canada, France, Japan, and the United States
  • Gabriel Borges (UCB): Iceland and Taiwan
  • Inna Danilova (MPIDR): Austria, Russia, and Ukraine
  • Denys Dukhovnov (UCB): Australia, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland
  • Dana Glei (UCB): Hong Kong and Republic of Korea
  • Pavel Grigoriev (MPIDR): Belarus, Czechia, Croatia, Germany, Greece, and Israel
  • Domantas Jasilionis (MPIDR): Bulgaria, England & Wales, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Poland, and Scotland
  • Felipe Menares (UCB): Chile, Italy, and Portugal
  • Laszlo Nemeth (MPIDR): Hungary, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia
  • Ethan Roubenoff (UCB): Belgium, Luxembourg and Norway
Others who have worked for this project in the past, or for one its immediate predecessors, include: Mary Anderson (UCB), Evgeny Andreev (MPIDR), Mila Andreeva (UCB), Michael Bubenheim (MPIDR), Vladimir Canudas-Romo (UCB), Rembrandt Scholz (MPIDR), Shiro Horiuchi (UCB), Eva Kibele (MPIDR), & Mia Zhong (UCB).
Angela Chau (UCB), Barbara Chiang (UCB), Leo Deegan (UCB), Carolyn Hart (UCB), Marguerite Higa (UCB), Romano Lasker (UCB), Guiping Liu (MPIDR), Hawkin Lui (UCB), Anjali Menon (UCB), Delicia Nahman (UCB), Dimiter Philipov (MPIDR), Marian Rigney-Hawksworth (UCB), Long Wang (UCB), Lijing Yan (UCB), Ellen Guan (UCB), Lindsay Bergstrom (UCB), Sibo Zhao (UCB), Amanda Tanimasa (UCB), and Josie Zamudio (UCB).